IDE-Integrated Git Source Control

It was merged just yesterday. When Rubberduck 2.0 is released, VBA devs will have a new tool in their arsenal: full-fledged Git source control, seamlessly integrated into their IDE, in a dockable toolwindow:


Why use Source Control?

How many of you keep version and change tracking information in comments? Does this look any familiar?

'modified 2014-04-27, ticket #173

Or this perhaps?

'version 1.2
' - added CalculateRangePrices macro
' - fixed bug in SalesByCustomerReport

These things don’t belong in code, they belong in your commit history. Using source control gives you that, so you can have code files that contain, well, code.

Collaborative work in VBA is pretty annoying anyway – you have to manually merge changes, and import/export modules manually, if you’re not outright copy/pasting code. This is error-prone and, let’s face it, nobody does it.

With Rubberduck and your GitHub repository two clicks away, you can now work on your code even if you don’t have the macro-enabled workbook with you right now. Because Rubberduck doesn’t just dump the .xlsm file into a GitHub repo – it actually exports each individual code file (yes, including workbooks and worksheets and UserForms) into an actual working directory, so you can work in VBA just like you would in VB6.. or C#, or Java.

You can create a branch, and work on a feature while shielding your “master” branch from these changes, issue a bug-fix on “master”, merge the bug-fix into your dev branch, finalize your work, then merge your dev branch into master, and release a new version: that’s how devs work, and that’s how VBA devs can work too, even if they’re a lone wolf.

Source Control integration was issue #50 in Rubberduck’s repository (we’re now at #1219, some 3,000 commits later) – we wanted this feature all along. And we’re delivering it next release, promise.

Special thanks to @Hosch250, who worked astonishingly hard to make this happen.

See how it works on our wiki (yes, that’s work in progress).


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