What is Rubberduck?

Rubberduck is first and foremost an open-source initiative, an ongoing long-haul project that gets people together and talk about how we can make the VBE a better place to write better code in.

Rubberduck isn’t a lightweight add-in: its scope is to massively enhance the Visual Basic Editor, and in order to do that it hooks in places no add-in has gone before.

We’re not a software company. We’re students, or we have jobs, or both. We have families and friends, some of us have kids. We make the time for Rubberduck, because we love this project and we love helping people write better code.

This blog contains articles about feature announcements, information about upcoming releases, but also detailed tutorials on various VBA topics – often geared towards promoting clean, testable, object-oriented code.

Rubberduck finds its roots in Code Review Stack Exchange after all.