While we’re waiting…

I cannot wait to release the next version. Seriously. You have no idea how much it itches.

It’s coming, no worries; we only have a few tiny little adjustments to make and we’re ready.

In the mean time, v1.22 had over 160 downloads (probably 170 by the time I publish this post), which is more than anything I would have expected. After all, in the past 30 days I’ve fixed so many bugs I’ve come to see 1.22 as an under-featured buggy tool – code inspections are definitely promising, but the parser has (had!) too many issues for a lot of them to be reliable. Fortunately version 1.3 changes that.

We’ve had awesome feedback already, some on GitHub, some via our contact us form on rubberduck-vba.com, some on Twitter… but hardly any here.

So I’m going to include some new features of v1.3 here (just to skew the results a bit – and I’m also biting my tongue on very cool things coming up for v2.0), and ask you…

Comments are welcome!

An update on the v1.3 release

As I said earlier on Twitter, I messed up the 1.3 release… big time. Shooting for April 18 was fine, rushing to meet that “deadline” wasn’t.

We’re removing the 1.3 pre-release. I pushed “release early, release often” too far this time. Recommend uninstall+rollback to 1.22.. sorry!

Again, apologies. I was so excited about releasing all the features I had been working on for over a month now, that I overlooked a number of serious issues, and to top it off, I blew up the x64 installer… again.

We’re currently fixing those last few issues, and we’ll take the time it takes to test things properly, and release a stable v1.3 that everybody will enjoy using.

Stay tuned, v1.3 is coming… and you’re going to love it.