Rubberduck, or Gummianka, le petit canard en caoutchouc

Next release rocks. Like, if you’re running 1.22, you’re not going to believe everything that’s coming at you in 1.4 – and if you’re running 1.3x, …you’re not going to believe it either.

The feature set is becoming massive, and that’s thoroughly awesome. We are currently in the final stages of stabilizing the next release and polishing everything. There’s a ton of amazing stuff coming, but one of the coolest things is that, thanks to the awesomeness of Code Review community members…

…we are proud to announce localization in French and Swedish, and a German translation is under way.

If a language isn’t supported on your system, it won’t show up in the display language dropdown:


More announcements to come, stay tuned!

4 thoughts on “Rubberduck, or Gummianka, le petit canard en caoutchouc”

    1. Great! Fork us on GitHub, and make a copy of Rubberduck.UI.RubberduckUI.resx with the appropriate language suffix, and submit a pull request – we’ll merge it and ship it along with the German translation!


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