Trouble with 64 bit Versions of Office

Today has been… surreal. Just surreal. It seems Rubberduck has reached the other side of the globe.

Or, as translated by Google.

Outrageous things had been dropped on Twitter timeline. In of one of such VBA has stopped when from the early 1990s development environment VBE (Visual Basic Editor), modern integrated development environment (IDE) seems crazy add-in to add a parallel features have appeared. Very incarnation of madness and flew down to modern times, also the name Rubberduck.

Just as I was starting to get excited though, I realized we had a problem with 64 bit versions of Office.

But, in the hand of the environment (Windows8.1 + Office2013 (64bit)), even if you install the add-in Rubberduck was not recognized from the VBE

I think I know what’s causing the issue, but I don’t have a 64 bit version of Office to test on. Which is problematic to say the least. However, one of the followers of our repo seems to be stepping up to test a theory, so hopefully we can get this corrected soon. I’d like to see a really glowing review out of @igeta in the new future.

3 thoughts on “Trouble with 64 bit Versions of Office”

  1. Reblogged this on Rubberduck News and commented:
    It’s been a crazy day. I found out that we have users on the other side of the globe, Rubberduck doesn’t work in 64 bit versions of Office, and JetBrains gave us a free Open Source license of ReSharper. Oh… And I worked a full day putting out fires at the office. Some times things get surreal.

    I just wanted to share this with everyone and let you know what’s coming down the pipe for the blog. I still owe you a look at what we’re planning for the next minor release of Rubberduck (Hint: it includes support for Office 64x…). I also want to do a small series about VBA attributes over the next few weeks. They’re very cool and under utilized in my opinion. That’s probably because there is next to no documentation available. So, I’m going to pick one or two to talk about at a time and document what I happen to know about them.

    Until then,
    Happy Coding.


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